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The bestseller in the transverse range, the ST82-14 is loaded with the latest technology. Designed for turbocharged engines such as 1.6L turbo and benefiting from all SADEV’s experience, it combines optimised architecture with a small footprint and a low weight. Incorporating all the latest innovations such as paddle-shift, the ST82-14 will prove a formidable solution for your future projects.


    • 6 speed sequential gearbox + 1 reverse gear
    • Manual sequential gear selection (semi-auto optional)
    • Wide range of final drives available
    • Wide range of ratios available
    • Straight cut gears
    • Dog ring gear engagement
    • Interchangeable gear ratios
    • High strength carburizing steel
    • Gear teeth grinded with optimized profile
    • Shot penning on internal parts
    • Specific input shaft
    • Central limited slip differential
    • Ramp and plate system – 3 discs type
    • Preload made by spring washer
    • Wide range of ramp plates available
    • Reverse lockout cable (solenoïd system optional)
    • Contactless gear position sensor
    • Contactless flat shift sensor
    • Splash lubrication system
    • Oil pump integrated (optional)
    • Oil suction screen
    • Magnetic drain plugs
    • Painted AS7G aluminum casings
    • Case joint faces sealed with O’rings
    • Weight (input shaft included) : 35 Kg – 77 lbs