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The SL924 is the latest novelties for Off-Road applications, the reference for all manufacturers competing in 2 wheel-drive categories. The SADEV Engineering department used the latest innovation to create the SL924, a transmission that can accept the biggest turbo or naturally aspirated engine torque. Powerful, robust and innovative, the SL924 is the best ally to drive through the sandy dunes of all Off-road races.


  • 6 speed sequential gearbox + 1 reverse gear
  • Manual sequential gear selection
  • Bevel gear ratio : 12×26
  • Wide range of ratios available
  • Drop gear ratios
  • Straight cut gears
  • Gear engagement made by dogs
  • Inspection bungs
  • Interchangeable gear ratios
  • High strength carburizing steel
  • Shot peening on internal parts
  • Specific input shaft
  • Hydraulic clutch bearing (optional)
  • Limited slip differential
  • Ramp and plate system – 4 discs type
  • Wide range of ramp plates available
  • Ouput for axles : flange for Ø128 mm Lobro
  • Differential locking system
  • Reverse lockout cable or solenoid system
  • Gear position sensor
  • Flat shift sensor up shift (Down shift optional)
  • Integrated oil pump
  • Lubrication lines through the casing
  • Directed and pressurised lubrication on the gears and bevel gear
  • Painted AS7G aluminium casings
  • Casing joint faces sealed with O’rings
  • Weight (input shaft included) : 89 Kg – 196 lbs